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KEL 39KEL 39 Posts: 81Member
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Will a 1947 H steering box fit in a 1939 H ?


  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,246Senior Contributor
    No. The pitman arm comes out of the box on the wrong side, that applies for steering boxes from 40 on. 37 38 and 39 boxes are all the same.
  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,648Senior Contributor
    Do you need one? I scrapped out a 39 CC a couple of years ago and must have saved the steering box.
  • KEL 39KEL 39 Posts: 81Member
    Yes I would be interested.
    I have found 3 steering boxes so far but have not too much luck.One was filled with water,one was seized solid and one is worn out. So as you can see all I need in the guts if they are in good shape. The would save on the shippage.
  • tomruetomrue Posts: 48Member
    Will the two front side grills in a '39 country club fit a '39 model 92?  Tks, Tom
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