1933 Essex Terraplane for sale (not mine)

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Here's a 1933 Essex Terraplane for sale in the Sacramento area. looks like the front bumper was exchanged with the rear. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/3779078496.html



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    I wonder how much the seller wants for it?
    EDIT: Seller wants 16k for it.
    Do you know if it is a Hudson-Essex-Terraplane or just an Essex-Terraplane? still a really nice original.
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    ComoColl: Please explain the difference between a Hudson-Essex-Terraplane and a Essex-Terraplane built by Hudson. I have never seen a Hudson-Essex-Terraplane car or truck of any year.
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    Still out there, when you say "a Essex-Terraplane", you should say "an Essex-Terraplane". ;)
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    Four doors on the hood. That means it's a Terraplane Eight. If it had five doors on the hood it would be a Hudson Eight.

    If it had louvers it would be a six.
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    it's most unusual feature is having dual sidemounts, a very rare & expensive option, however, does not have the "needle in a haystack" trunk rack that came with the dual sidemount optioned cars. In frontal pic L headlamp missing but owner, who inherited it, says he has it.
    Been in the same family since new.
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    Dual Side mounts.... Oh I wish I had the money! But it is sooo over priced considering its condition. :(
  • Yeah I was about to post this up, too. if you think about it, if it was garaged and not driven since 1947, that means it was only 14 years old when it was taken off the raod, so to have put 64k miles on it in that amount of time back then is actually quite a bit of miles!
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    <<<< agrees with c.c. on price.
    I understood they got it running.
    Notice it has it's original crankhole cover? Those ain't easy to find either, LOL.
    It's most important when considering a '33 T that you get as complete a car as possible as getting parts for them VERY difficult to do!
    The T8s have always been a highly prized model among HETers on several levels.
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    imageThis is a pic of the most accurately restored T8 conv. I've ever seen. Came out of the Petit Museum, restored by HET member David Fox of N.Y., subsequently sold & now "lost" as Dave doesn't know where it went. Had/has optional vacuum clutch & in operating condition.
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    The Terraplanes also had a slightly shorter wheelbase than the Hudsons. They made 2401 Hudsons in 1933, and about 38,000 Terraplanes. Not sure of the breakdown between eights and sixes, but the T8 is definitely a rare breed. Really, it was the muscle car of its era. The T8 of 1933 had newer engine technology/design compared to the larger size Hudson. The engines would all be similar in design the next year, 1934.

    There is a WTN article about the 1933 Essex Terraplanes published around the 1992 time frame. There is an article on the 1933 Hudsons published in the Nov/Dec 2000 WTN issue.

    For those that didn't know, the Essex was Hudson's companion make that arrived just after WWI, and was a lower price competitor. In transition beginning in 1932, Hudson released the Essex Terraplane, and that name continued through 1933, after which the Essex moniker was dropped entirely and these cars were known as Terraplanes. That lasted through 1937. The 1938 lineup had a Hudson Terraplane, and starting in 1939, all cars were Hudson badged to the end of production.
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    Pete, that was purchased from Dave by Michael Kearney of Virginia, later Florida. He's no longer listed in the roster, but owned several choice early-thirties Hudson products in the early 2000's before I lost track of him.
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    Oldhudson , I saw that photo of a young guy standing by that car , and thought for a minute it was you , taken in the 70's . Not saying you look much different now, LOL
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    I like the dual side mount cars, great car, not so great price. Still glad to see a car like this survive. The high price may ensure it gets preserved or restored, vs rid material. I'm hoping to see Ray Stevens former 33t8 with dual side mounts in Indiana next year. I hear its coming together well .
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    Was that an original color? It looks like the wheels match the body color, which makes me question the originality as claimed. Still looks like an excellent straight car though.
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    Mine has the twin side-mounts, and they add a nice touch to the appearance.
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    As I recall the std. color combo was a body color, not really a lot of choices, and black fenders. For a couple of extra $$$ you could have it painted all 1 color. I had a totally original T8 sd. with about 32K miles on it, it was all black.
    My last T8, a conv. with dual sidemounts, was a Deluxe model thus made between Aug. of '33 & the end of the prod. run. It had a nice dark green body color which must have been a new offering late in the year.
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    Alex Burr had posted some documents on the paint colors. As far as I can see it doesn't state specifically that the fenders were black, but that would seem to be the common practice. Here are the colors available for the T8 (model KT):
    Border Blue
    Burgundy Maroon
    Sun Tan
    Steel Dust

    The T6 (model K) colors were:
    Prairie Green
    Evening Blue
    Zodiac Blue
    Labrador Gray
    Lincoln Green

    Not a lot of choices in those days. The Hudson cars themselves had more color choices (there were 3 series Pacemaker 6 (model E), Pacemaker Standard Eight (model T), and Pacemaker Major 8 (Model L). Interestingly, the largest selling model, the Standard Eight (about 67% of all the 2401 Hudsons produced that year) had the fewest color options.
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    imageyou can see the green my T8 conv. had from this photo showing the firewall.
    A few T8 only items visible: one-off air cleaner, the V-front radiator, the "low-spine" head of the T8 engine ('34-5 had a "high spline" head).
    If you buy a T8, want to have it correct & original, make sure those items come with the car as you're gonna have a helluva time finding them!
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    "Terraplane8", can I see some more pictures of your car? :D
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    In regard to side mounts on short cars..my opinion only..I think they make the car look even more short coupled than they are. Just my opinion, but the best looking Hudson product I have ever seen is a '33 cabriolet with a rear spare..perfect. ..but that is just my opinion..no accounting for taste. Regards, tom
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    Nice car Terraplane8 !
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    A couple of images of my car as requested.
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    This was one I considered buying in 2005, the asking price was around $12,000 at the time.

    So they probably aren't as "cheap" to buy as one may hope, as the vendors won't give them away.
  • This is mine I bought in 2010 paid I think 8500 for it. I had to put motor and trans back in, interior and most paint is original the shell needs to be plated, I did alot of work to the fenders and a wiring harness as well as had to do tires go through the radiator and find a front bumper but I think I did ok on it.
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    Hi all. I just bought this car and I’m interested in finding an authentic trunk valise that is period correct. Am I crazy??? Thanks. Rob
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    When I say this car, I’m referring to the car that was for sale near Sacramento in 2013. It’s a 1933 Essex Terraplane KT Deluxe 8. It’s a 100 percent complete car. Never wrecked and a true survivor. 
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    Can you post a picture of the car as I couldn't open the original post?

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    1933 terp coupe. owned it for 50 years. sold it in 1995.
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