1930's Part Need help Identifying.

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Hello, Can anyone help me identify this part. It says Delco and I believe it's from the 30's. I was told it could be an early cruise control or possibly an airplane speedo but no one was really sure. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. thanks

I have a few other pics I can post if you think it might help.


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    It's the dial face of an AM radio, the numbers are frequencies to scan to pick up radio stations. Most likely from late twenties thru mid thirties.
  • So there is more to it than I have here. Like the radio itself? Also would these have been put in all vehicles in this era. Thanks for your response.
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    Your pic. looks like 36-37 Cad or LaSalle. Being a Delco,probably a GM car.

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    Yes, you only have the dial face and tuner part of the radio, the radio itself for that vintage was a huge clunky affair that usually was hung under the dash, due to all the vacuum tubes and vibrators (no, not THAT kind of vibrator, LOL). Most people younger than 50 these days wouldn't know what a vacuum tube is, and it you said "vibrator" they might think you were talking about a sex toy......
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    Also when you turned an old vacuum tube radio on, it took a minute or so for the tubes to warm up, and the radio actually started working, ditto for the old televisions. On the plus side, vacuum tubes would be immune to EMP, whereas transistors and other semiconductor electronics used today would be fried.....
  • I appreciate the quick responses and the information you guys provided. I sandblast a lot of these vintage/classic cars and do not know a lot about them. This is my first forum and I find it as a great tool and this will be the route I take to learn more about these cars. Take care and thanks again.
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