Rambo went under the knife today...

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Rambos been having some breathing issues for the last 1-2 years anytime he gets too excited, its been manageable mostly just coughing, but it's gotten progressively worse and last week he started having some panic attacks where he could barely draw a breath and was tough to calm him down from doing even the smallest things.

He was diagnosed with Laryngeal Paralysis, and I really had only 2 options, 1) have the surgery or 2) put him down - this condition just gets worse and it was already scaring both of us.

Because the surgery is expensive, I did get a 2nd opinion and was confirmed the Lar-Par, and had the surgery done today.

He's awake and resting comfortably so far without any issues, but is at the hospital tonight for 24hr Observation.

Seems like everytime I get an inkling to re-surrect the Hudson, something hits me financially to stop my motivation in its tracks...this time it was Rambo vs. the Hudson and Rambo rightly won this one.

If all goes well, he'll still be around and in way better shape come summer, by then maybe I'll have recovered enough to get the Hudson going.


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    glad to hear Rambo is doing well. hopefully that will take care of the problem. i understand where you are coming from on pet expenses. me and the wife have spent quite a bit on ours this year. just like you, i wouldn't trade any of ours for a nice hudson.
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    Im glad Rambo is doing well too and hope for his full recovery.... Vet's have many more advanced care options these days but unfortunately, their not cheap..... Ive gone the same route for our Schnauzers...
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    Glad to hear Rambo is going to get better, at least he will be able to doggy talk to ya on those cold nights, where the Hudson will only roar once in a while ;)
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    When our Greyhound was having an operation I told the vet his facility was much better than the local hospital: if I needed an operation I'd come to him except the tables were too short.
    He said he would put two together for me.
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    I've been away from the board for about a week, so just read about Rambo. Hope he makes a full recovery- he's a great dog!

    We had a Pomeranian that got hit by a car, rear leg broke in 3 places- local vets talked about $2,000 + for surgery, and just recommended putting her down. Friend of my wife is a vet, she hooked us up with a guy near Ilwaco who does expensive surgeries as a hobby, more or less, and charges very nominal fee. Our friend "assisted", and he did the whole thing for about 600 bucks, of which half was materials and drugs. She recovered completely, and spent many more happy years running along behind when wife went horseback riding.

    Hope everything else is going well for you. Hang in there, one of these days you'll get enough nickels to rub together to get back to the Hudson project.

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    Thanks everyone, Rambo had a setback last night and is back in the hospital fighting pneumonia.

    Won't know for the next 24-48 hours if he's going to respond to treatment.

    I'll do what I can within reason, but it's in God's hands now.

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    Dogs and men have been together for thousands of years. It's a kind of symbiotic co-existence. Dogs help men to hunt and dogs get to eat what the men cannot finish. After living together with men for so long, I wouldn't be surprised if dogs consider men to be just a superior canine breed. Definitely a lot of men consider dogs to be better than human companions.

    Why are dogs so popular as pets? I think one of the main reasons is that a dog is very sincere in its love for its owner. It does not cheat and lie to gain the affection of its owner. It accepts its owner as-is where-is, with no pre-conditions. Not many human beings can beat a dog at that.
    I totally copy and pasted the above as I think it applies. I'll keep good thoughts for Rambo My wife Kelly and I are dog lovers and will never be without them.
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    I really hope your Rambo can pull through and give you more companionship... Its a very sad time in the house when they get older & sick....

    Your Hudson project will wait a little longer...
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    Hi All - Good news, Rambo got pumped full of IV antibiotics and responded well. Still treating the pneumonia but he's nearly back to his pre-op self with the plus that he can breathe again...he even trotted across the yard last night, something he hasnt been able to do in months without getting winded!
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    Glad to hear Rambo's on the good side of mending up!
    Theres a reason they are mans best friend! Not to mention we usually are theirs as well.
    Couldnt imagine working under my Huddy without my bud curiously sniffing each nut and bolt with me!
    Speedy recovery wishes to you both.
  • Dan, I hope all is going OK for Rambo. Hang in there.
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    Great news!

    Don't know if Rambo would be offended by comparison to a cat, but it seems like that guy has used up several of his 9 lives already.
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    Cassie and Winston are wishing Rambo the best!
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    Wishing Rambo a speedy and complete recovery. Bruce
  • My black lab Rocky gave up in early November, he was almost 13, he had cancer, dibetes, enlarged heart, and was blind. Best freind I ever had!! Glad rambo is good! Dogs are people!!

    53 Super Jet
    and a bunch of Crosley's
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    hc - Sorry to hear about Rocky's passing.

    Dogs are amazingly stoic - even when not feeling well, they still want to be with you.

    Sounds like he put up the good fight as long as he could.

    I'll give Rambo and extra pat on the head in memory of Rocky.
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    Wishing Rambo the best
  • R.R. Thanks.

    53 Super Jet
    and a bunch of Crosley's
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