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This morning I rcvd an email from someone called contactus. This email was titled Webmail Account Warning and said, basically, that Failure to upgrade my email account would result in email account deactivation within 24 hours. There is a link (isn't there always) to go to where you could update your email account size to 4.8gb.

So having fallen off the turnip truck many years ago and being the suspicious type I googled Webmail Account Warning and went to this site - which confirmed this is phishing scam.


Alex Burr
Memphis, TN


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    @Alex, I'm so suspicious, that I did not even opened your link...Just in case you would not be the ''Real Alex'', cause the ''Real Alex'' would have written something like ''conundrum'' in his topic...Michel
    P.S. If you are ''Ze Real Alex'', I want to thank you for helping me improve my English writing
    and knowledge... :)>-
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    Thanks Rick,
    I wish I would of taken this advice. The F.B.I closed my computer down, only needed
    $200.00 to open. Didn't mail the $$$, but had one heck of a time getting the computer to open, now computer is still sick.
  • Try restoring it back to a date before that happened , generaly gets rid of most of them,
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