When is hot too hot??

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Temperature in Sydney Australia at the air port today reached a staggering 42.5 deg celcius (112-114 deg)

This is the third highest reading since they started recording, first was 1939, next was 2006 on New Years day.

Over 100 bush fires burning with in our state of New South Wales alone. Expecting a cool change around mid night. Phew it was warm.


  • Spencer YarrowSpencer Yarrow Posts: 282Expert Adviser
    Les crank up the air con. a bit higher, if you lived in QLD you wouldnt have to put up such extremes I see on the news tonight it will be 25 deg tomorrow in Sydney. LOL
  • Huddy42Huddy42 Posts: 1,227Senior Contributor
    Yes Spencer, better day tomorrow, aren't you guys getting this YET.???
  • BrowniepetersenBrowniepetersen Posts: 3,053Senior Contributor
    Funny thing about summer; it happens every year and it is natural that a few records are changed each year. Today, in beautiful down down Willard (Utah, USA) we will be lucky if the temperature reached 10 deg F. As I scribe this note it is 4 below (F). and I sure wish I was down under today....
  • hudsontechhudsontech Posts: 4,606Senior Contributor
    Started out at 29º in my car port this morning at 6am - it's up to 55º at the moment. Supposed to drop down in the 20's the next couple nights - toward the weekend 65 on Friday and 70 possible on Saturday - nighttime is predicted in the 40's. Spring has sprung, more or less.

    Alex Burr
    Memphis, TN
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,683Senior Contributor
    Funny, I seem to remember someone saying how good it was to live in Oz! Hee hee.
  • Huddy42Huddy42 Posts: 1,227Senior Contributor
    But we don't get earthquakes and the likes here Geoff.
  • bones1931bones1931 Posts: 23Expert Adviser
    -17 Degrees Celsius here this morning in Halifax Nova Scotia. Les maybe we could send some Down Under. Mike
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,683Senior Contributor
    We won't mention bushfires then!
  • Huddy42Huddy42 Posts: 1,227Senior Contributor
    Not at the moment.NO.
  • Spencer YarrowSpencer Yarrow Posts: 282Expert Adviser
    only got to 39 deg today so not too bad and no fires near us
  • Huddy42Huddy42 Posts: 1,227Senior Contributor
    Supposed to be another 42 deg here on Saturday, goodey gum drops, no work on cars again.LOL
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