Anyone's Hudson packing...? (Guns that is!)

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Hopefully we can keep this discussion about packing firearms in our hot-rods and not devolve into politics... :D

First off, I'm no noob to firearms..have had them all my life and taken several safety courses.

God love the hard working men and women of law enforcement..but they can rarely respond in time, or are in the right place to prevent a violent crime.

Even with my proven 100% reliable REWS Alarm System (the Rambo Early Warning System) Given my age (and Rambos), usually being alone and with Bad Guys seemlingly aplenty (freaking idiot shoplifter was shooting up the goodwill in Port Orchard just last week!) I had finally decided to get my Conceal Carry License earlier this year and arm myself.

Since there are places you cannot conceal/open carry..I need a safe compartment for the Hudson where I can store a weapon and spare ammo/mags.

I'm working hard out in my shop and hopefully just a few more weeks away from moving the 49 back into the shop..
So, I want to start planning on doing the additional fabrication for a firearms containment system of some type.

Just wondering if anyone has seen any 3rd party automotive vaults, safes or other types of containment systems for a firearm(s) or is currently using one in their vehicle and can give me some feedback on likes/dislikes.


  • hoggyrubberhoggyrubber Posts: 596Expert Adviser
    i don't have one or anthing. i'm not the kind of guy that needs to carry a gun out, i can exibit bad judgement at times. ;)
    i did notice a few days ago harbor freight had a auto lock box for handguns that was real cheap.
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    Reminds me of a story my local neighbor told me about his dad working on a 60's area car. Was getting ready to send it to the junk yard and found a 38 special revolver under the back seat.
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    Never thought about carrying a gun since the 60's when everyone here in Northern Utah had one or two hanging in their truck back window. But, were I to carry one it would be in the trunk in a lock box much like those that harbor freight sell. I have a permit but seldom if ever carry. I would be more likely to carry a gun to the mall than to a car show?
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    I seldom carry either, and wouldn't ever be going anywhere in my Hudson where I would want a pistol.

    But as far as a spot to conceal, the glove box is pretty deep, and it wouldn't be too difficult to put a false back in it, where you could store a pistol. You could hinge it, or maybe use a couple of magnetic cabinet door catches to secure it.
  • rambos_riderambos_ride Posts: 3,186Senior Contributor
    the Trunk is an excellent place, and more easily accomodating a locking type safe..good for other stuff besides pistols.

    But, I do think I want something in the cockpit that is more discreet and could be used in a similar fashion.

    Since the commodore does have both glove boxes a hidden panel on the drivers side would work..sure be nice to find something to alter than build from scratch.

    When my Hudson is on the road it will be more of a daily driver, I also don't feel I'd need to carry at a car show but you never know with people getting upset about a custom Hudson - I might just need it :)

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    Depending on how mich fire power you might want or need, there are several derringers available that fit nicely in the ash tray.
  • rambos_riderambos_ride Posts: 3,186Senior Contributor
    However all that being said, I have recently considered getting a permit to carry, and doing some familiarization with my pistols.
    Funny my brother is a Sergeant in a local Police Department for 25 years. He hasn't carried off-duty for the last 20 years - but, is starting again just because its very different times we're living in right now.
    Depending on how mich fire power you might want or need, there are several derringers available that fit nicely in the ash tray.
    I am .45acp kinda guy - got a Springfield XDM .45 5.25 Competition for home defense and maybe some tournaments down the road...and Springfield XDS .45 3.3 for Conceal Carry...I would have one or both with me at anytime.
  • Huddy42Huddy42 Posts: 1,227Senior Contributor
    So sad to think that you guys have to carry weapons, we have drive by shootings here in Australia, but this is usually gang and drug related, I don't know anyone who owns a rifle or pistol or even feels they need one here. The only people who own a rifle or pistol are licenced, have to keep their weapons in a locked secure cabinet and the bullets in a seperate area away from the guns,
    Apart from that the only people who carry guns are criminals who bring them in illegally.
    Yes, we have gun shops and they are available to licenced sporting shooters only, very heavy fines if you have a weapon and no licence, can also carry a jail sentence
  • oldhudsonsoldhudsons Posts: 2,149Senior Contributor
    huddy42 - humpf, sounds good to me, maybe a good place for me to consider emigrating to from this gun infested "Wyatt Earp" mentality state of Arizona after we fall off "the cliff".
    Of course if we "fall off the cliff" I probably won't have enough $$$$ to leave Arizona let alone the country, LOL (as I recall when I went "Down Under" in '87 you had to have like $1000 in cash or equivalent apiece to even get into Australia as a tourist!).
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    This thread is about Guns in your cars and how one might appropriately store them....lets not get too far off on the political spectrum here..I'm sure theres many more forums for that kind of topic ;)

  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,731Senior Contributor
    I too have plans to leave the USA, this guns thing being just part of the reasons......
  • tigermothtigermoth Posts: 411Expert Adviser
    last time i visited oz was in 2000. i just flew in and walked around. there was no tariff, fee, entrance tax..nothing. just show up and don't make a fuss. regards, tom
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    rambos_ride: The straight answer I would give is lock your firearm in a strongbox located in the trunk of your car. The peace officers of this great country have used this method successfully for many years. Losing a firearm secured in this manner without direct coercion of the owner is pretty much nullified. Otherwise, carry the weapon on your person as the law dictates.
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