49C8.Com Lives...

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Well - not really!

When I went thru a dry spell a few years back I had to let the 49C8.com domain expire. Register.com held it for a while but wanted 125.00 just to get the url back and not counting the registration.

Now some other dirtball has it parked on some regrettful advertising site so I'm not going to play the game.

Welcome doggonecustoms.com!

I'm in the process of moving the old pictures, and articles over.

Not much to see right now, but you can register for email updates.

The plan right now is to finish some small projects in the shop over the next 4-8 weeks then get the moss off the Hudson and back in the shop for the first time in a couple years.

Should be interesting!


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    Dan, will the new website be devoted mostly to your Hudson, or will it mostly contain information and/or photos of various Hudson Eights? I would like to add it to our H-E-T website "links" page when that finally gets up and running, but I need to know which category in which to place it.

    Glad to see you're getting back to your Hudson!
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    Jon, it will mostly be a blog site about my 49 Commodore Build.

    The site may morph into something else later on if I can commission some outside builds I'd probably chronicle them on doggonecustoms.com too,

    But gotta finish the first one first :)
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    NOW Tell Us how is Rambo?
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    Hello - Rambo is starting to have some old-age health issues, but just had a checkup and seems to be fine given his age (13 in February)

    The hard part for me is he has develped lorengal paralysis..not sure I spelled that right..but, long-story-short... Labs have a flap or way to close off their breathing passage so they don't drown while retrieving in water..sometimes when they get older their vocal cords get weak and don't close the flap - or in Rambos case..anytime he gets excited or trying to exercise.

    So he's had this condition for over the last year, and I can see him declining more because of it, mostly difficulty breathing and muscle atrophy.

    But, he's still eat'n-poop'n with vigor and his weights good..so I'll just nurse him along in his old age the best I can.

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    Great to hear you're "gettin' back at it". When I first saw the new website name, I feared the worst for Rambo, so glad he's doing OK. 13 is quite old for a lab, so any more time you get with him is a bonus. Give him a biscuit for me.
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    Hi Mike!

    Biscuit given and eaten :)

    I read labs normally run about 9-11 years so we enjoy every second we can these days.

    Hopefully if all keeps going well we'll get our hudsons together in 2013!
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