couple of interesting short car-related movies on the web...

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I found these at the Prelinger Archives website.

1. "The Mechanic" -- 1924 short comedy (silent), employing rather standard early 20's humor, with a wannabe Chaplin playing an inept garage mechanic. Exploding tires and oily rags provide most of the chuckles. At one point a white Hudson sedan is besmirched. Nice shots of a period garage with lots of early 20's cars in it. In two parts.

2. "Behind The Scenes", a compilation of gags, flubs and outtakes by the Wilding Picture Productions, from the mid-1930's. Wilding made industrial films, including a lot of promotional films for automobile companies including Hudson. If you look carefully you'll spot several 30's Hudsons. If you've ever seen the short film made by Hudson which was used in their exhibit at the 1933 Chicago Century of Progress exposition -- which starred barely-remembered comedian Billy Repaid -- you'll recognize an outtake from that. Be prepared for a good deal of low humor, including a number of shots of large male animals proving their manhood. This film was obviously intended to be shown to guys sitting around drinking beer, smoking cigars and guffawing.
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