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Hi All, this isn't a Hudson question, but thought I would try
I have a John Deer lawn Tractor down under and I need a new Bare deck for it
Could any 1 find out if they are available and the cost up in the states as I can get a freight forwarder
we use through my hot rod club to bring it down for me me to NZ as they ship weekly
Not sure at this stage from where but can easily find out
its a LT166 with a chassis number MOL166E047497
Got the internal rust like many of our cars LOL
this is the early deck that has the 10mm holes for the rear hangers and not the 12mm
they will know by the chassis number
Any help would be appreciated



  • Mike, Try . Good luck.
  • essexcoupe3131essexcoupe3131 Posts: 1,271Senior Contributor
    Thanks Guys ;)
    new you would know
  • essexcoupe3131essexcoupe3131 Posts: 1,271Senior Contributor
    Hi Guys, have found a deck in the states and have emailed the guy but no response
    He was on the SSB tractor forum but he hasn't replied to me
    Probably thinks I am some sort of scam artist,
    I would need this to be set to LA to my freight forwarder
    does someone think they could contact him and reassure him that I am genuine
    His Name is Peter Carlson and email is drop the Het
    Any help would be appreciated
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