Thank you VETS

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Thanking all the men and women who have or are still serving our great country. We owe them our deepest respect and gratitude. My son-in-law Dale (E7) has 18 years in the Army and did one tour in Bosnia and 3 tours in Irag as a combat medic. They are now stationed in San Antonio, TX

Jim Spencer
USAF 1959-1963


  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,630Senior Contributor
    Amen! Personally I lost my cousin Dick in combat in Korea and another cousin, Phil, had permanent emotional damage from being a medic in Vietnam. I owe them.

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  • bobdriveshudson2bobdriveshudson2 Posts: 71Expert Adviser

    Remember those that served, and pray for those serving. Thanks, Bob P (Army retiree)
  • 37 CTS37 CTS Posts: 556Senior Contributor
    My father served in WWII, and I have friends or relatives who served in every action since.
    I drive to the cemetary in my collector car and put the flags on their graves to say job well done.
  • jjbubaboyjjbubaboy Posts: 826Senior Contributor
    Amen! It is a day to remember that the price of freedom is not free. My respect, honor, and appreciation
    to all those past, present and future that have given, will give, and sacrificed for us all!!
    They and their families deserve the utmost gratitude from EVERY american.
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    The cost of war goes way beyond the years spent fighting and sacrificing.
    Just read an article this morning that over 50% of vets returning from the present conflict are applying for disability ---
    We try to give every year to veterans causes.
  • Lee ODellLee ODell Posts: 2,700Senior Contributor
    Thank you vets and all the military men and women protecting us know. If there is a near by Vetrans Hospital try to take the opportunity to visit those vetrans in the VA hospitals. They will appreciate the visit.

    Lee O'Dell
    SP4 US Army 1964-1966
  • Lee, Walt here. I served 4 1/2 years in the Army Air Force, 1941 to 1945, England, B-17 Bombers and after I returned home my hearing started to go. Today I wear a hearing aid and with it out I'm deft. I'm still glad I did what I did and have no regrets. I'm healthy at 91 and can still drive and work on my Hudsons.
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