Woodward Dream Cruise 2010

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Well another Woodward dream cruise has come and gone. I don't know if anyone on this forum went to it this year,(besides me), it was a great time seeing all the classic cars and running up and down woodward. The people for the most part are very friendly and talkative. It's just really sad that no one here even mentions it anymore, i don't understand how a "classic car" group can completely ignore an event of this size. I know that i was almost kicked off from here last year for talking about the cruise,(i was officially warned), but i guess if i get the boot, i get the boot. Somebody has to be a fan of the cruise and bring it up for discussion.

Have fun out there, maybe i'll see some of you at the car shows.

Talk to you later, i'll check back from time to time.



  • I went to the cruise one time. Not being local to that venue means that it does no carry a lot of weight . It's a great cruise but has it's drawbacks.

    There are a lot of car shows and we all can't agree on any one particular show.

    As long as you enjoyed yourself there, that's what really counts

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