My Hudson Power Steering is For Sale

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Attached are five photos of the “kit” of parts to put 1954 Hudson power steering on a Hornet. Pictured are the pump and mounting bracket, the power assist ram and special drag link, the hoses, the special steering arm that mounts on the standard steering box, the mount for the fixed end of the ram, the limit stop that keeps one from over-extending the ram, and the center steering pivot assembly that is unique to the power steering equipped Hudson. Also included are a 12volt Delco “one wire” alternator with mounting bracket, a water pump with the long shaft required with two belts, a special water pump pulley and modified Hudson fan to suit, the special Clifford Hudson 308 crank damper for two belts with hub and mounting hardware, and the belts used to drive the steering pump and the alternator.

All these parts are in excellent condition. The whole set-up was removed last month from my 53 Hornet sedan that I have sold to a buyer who was not interested in these modifications. It all works well with no leaks or squeaks of any sort and has about 25K miles of use since a “no expense spared overhaul” and paint of the parts. I know this set up is worth $3000 and that is my price. It allowed Joanna to park the car or drive me home when I’d had one too many! Great value in that.

I am posting this on the forum as being available and if nothing happens there will proceed to try to sell it on Ebay. I know many of you are in Michigan, so pass the word to those who are not checking the forum because so much fun is being had.

Wish I could be there, but I just have to work.

Let me know if you have any interest or want to know more. You can call me on my cell phone 415-497-4368 or email me at


Ivan Zaremba

San Rafael, Ca.
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