What is a square block flathead V6 engine from?

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    Makes sense to me said Jim Ignatowski
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    Anyone have a photo of one?  It would have been nice if the eBay seller would have shown a photo of the engine.
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    I believe they meant to say square block flathead I-6. I will ask the seller to post a picture and clarify what engine it has. Hopefully he will respond with an answer. According to my research a flathead V-6 has not been produced.

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    V is for Victory!
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    According to the article mentioned in the ad (from the March/April 2015 issue of Vintage Truck), the truck has the 212 cid L-head inline six engine.

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    The seller did confirm that the truck has a flathead  inline 6 cylinder engine.

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    1953 Hudson Wasp 2-door Sedan
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