Anybody ever try to retrofit a 34T Coupe with a rumble seat?

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What about retrofitting a 34T coupe with a trunk into a rumble seat?  I know reproduction rumble seat hinges and seat springs are available for 34 Fords, Chevys etc. I have the bumper and fender steps from back when those were available. Presumably the trunk lid could be reworked to use as rumble seat lid? Is there more to it than that and it is not feasible?  


  • RichardDRichardD Member
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    On a 34 Plymouth the whole trunk lid must be changed, since the RS lid is half as long as the T lid that goes down to the bumper. And welding is needed to fill in the lower part. I have a business PE coupe that I would love to be a RS coupe. Alas, it is a big deal. The Hudson is most likely the same configuration.
  • dholckdholck Expert Adviser
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    From the images I see online, the opening looks to be the same - just with the lid hinged the other way. What I need to do is find a RS coupe and look at it - makes me sorry I did not take a closer look and take more inside pictures when I was parked next to a 35 Hudson convertible coupe at the National in 2013. I'd look up where the nearest 34 or 35 rumble seat coupe is, but that vehicle registry thing on the HET Club site does not appear to work. 
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  • 33kc198933kc1989 Senior Contributor
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    Personally I'd rather have a trunk.  
  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Senior Contributor
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    I'm staying with a trunk on my 40 and getting some drawer slides rated at 350# and making a box that slides in and out like some of the coupes had.  Then I can take it to the truck show also.
  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Senior Contributor
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    Rumble-seat lid pivots on the sides , it does not swing on rear mounted hinges. The rear of the rumble seat lid has a lip for the weather strip to seal. The  rear edge of the RS lid swings down into the "trunk" when the RS is used. A lot of engineering and fabrication would need doing to convert the standard trunk lid into a RS.
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    Check your lid and if it has embossed areas on the inside panel at the lower part or half way up it is a easy job also the uprights on the body between the floor and the upper body will have holes for hinge pins in them. If these things are present then its easy, if not good look.
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