1951 "DOC" Hudson Brougham 2 door

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I have a nice Home restored a few years ago, Brougham Coupe. These are getting scarce and this is a nice one. Beautiful mohair seats, clean frame floors and body. Painted tow tone blue and  was done by an older member in Iowa a few years ago. I have done several mechanical things to it like NEW large clutch, O.D. & tranny rebuild, new starter, generator, engine mounts, head gasket and valve job, 8 volt tractor battery, radiator, engine mounts, electric fuel pump, fuel filter/pressure regulator, and all rubber bushings for front and rear sway bars and dampers.
You have to drive it to see how smooth it is. Engine can be idled down to see the fan go around at about cranking speed. SMOOTH. Live in southern MN. Been a HET mechanical advisor for many years. Bob at 612-801-1474. Want $ just 13,500.00 for it. No one really wants to know how much we have in our cars, as it is usually our loss and your gain, when life and health drives us all to down size some day.

Paul Newman agreed in an "E" mail to let me paint "DOC" on the trunk, before he died. Said it looked better than the original model used for the cartoon character. Nice Guy 
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