My '54 Hornet Up and Running

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Just a thank you to all who gave advise over the last two months on getting my old girl going,heard her run perfect for the first time today and had to show off,she even drives,first time on the move since '98,purrs like a kitten and no smoke. Has 29,000 miles but not well cared for over the last twenty years, but I have most parts not on the car to get her dressed back up plus all good grille to replace this one.Has been sold but went to a good friend who will be joining the club so he will probably looking for help as he goes through the car to get back on the road.Pictures are from last fall before we pushed her back in the barn. Thanks again all for your help.imageimageimageimage
3648 x 2736 - 4M
3648 x 2736 - 4M
3648 x 2736 - 4M
3648 x 2736 - 4M


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    Great job...thanks for sharing
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    Looks like your having fun! Nice HUDSON!
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    Thanks guys,I have not heard such a good running old car in a long time.The '53 is next and that one is never leaving home.Selling this one will allow me to make her near perfect,not far from that now
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    Congratulations!  Pretty Car!

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    I like that, i don't know when i drive my own car...
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    Nice, like the Aluminum "high compression" head.
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    If anyone has a right rear outer bumper,don't want one perfect so that it matches the rest of bumper,but no rust,let me know,weird that the rest of bumper is good but right side rusted
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    exhaust fumes

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    That's what I figured,Richard.
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