WTB twin H intake

dave11dave11 Expert Adviser
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Need a twin H intake manifold for a 308, don't need carbs or linkage

Dave Eddie


  • KdancyKdancy Senior Contributor
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    52-54 or 55-56?
    53 Super Wasp Coupe
    53 Studebaker Coupe Custom
    64 Champ pickup
    53 Super Wasp Coupe no drivetrain  very good parameter frame and body.
    53 Hornet Coupe od no drivetrain,  haven't decided what to do with this one

    Kerry Wellborn, Florida http://s294.beta.photobucket.com/user/studebaker2/library/
  • dave11dave11 Expert Adviser
    Posts: 93

    It's a 1952

  • 2nevets2nevets Member
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    I have a couple of them-not sure what motor they came off but the casting # matches the one on my 262-I thought 308 and 262 would bolt up?
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